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Wedding Tips – Tips for Brides !

◊ Save yourself some money and double the use of your Altar and Ceremony Arrangements and move them to your receptions area.

◊ Consider setting an arrangement that matches your wedding flowers in the Ladies and Mens Powder Rooms as an added touch. These don’t have to be additional arrangements but can be the ones used during the Ceremony.

◊ When a “Wedding Cake” is “stacked” in layers it typically triples the cost of the cake.  Consider ordering 9″ round or square Layers and put each of them on pedestals of different heights at a fraction of the cost.  You can still order the same cake flavors, fillers and fondant as you would for the stack-able wedding cake.  For one of my daughters wedding her cake was going to cost over $1,300.00 had we ordered the normal layered/stacked wedding cake so instead we ordered  Seven 9″ Round cakes and placed each one on different height pedestals decorating the cakes with flowers and they were beautiful and it cost only $315.00!! We spent the $1,000.00 that this saved us on other necessities for the wedding.

Check back here for more Tips for Brides in the coming months.

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